Welcome to 8th grade Language Arts. In 8th grade, we will cover a variety of topics, including grammar, spelling, vocabulary and all genres of writing and reading.


1. Be respectful of yourself, all students, and the teacher.
2.Be ready to work as soon as you come into the classroom.
3.Do your own work!Cheating is never acceptable.
4.Try your hardest and be positive!
5.Ask me for help when you need it.
Every day you need to bring the following materials to class:
1.a binder for homework and notes
2.a notebook for homework and notes
3.a copy of the current text (textbook or novel)
4.a blue or black pen or pencil 
What to Expect
1.Reading – We will read short stories, poems, plays, newspapers, and novels 
2.Journal writing – Students will keep write daily journal topics.Topics will be on the board when you come into class.You will have the first five minutes to write as much as you can, about a half page.Journals will be collected every Friday.
3.Vocabulary words – We will study vocabulary words, including literary terms, each week.
4.Book reports – Students will read at least one book outside of class per quarter.Extra books may be read for extra credit.
5.Writing – We will study the fundamentals of writing paragraphs and essays.We will work on descriptive, narrative, personal and persuasive writing.