This course is a collection of resources for users to try out Google applications.
This class is an introduction to describing and setting up a Survey Monkey and talking about its potential uses. This is only a 4 week course.
We will work together through the process of learning how to set up a Doodle Calendar. This is a tool you will use often, once you learn how to use it! There will be a few assignments as we explore the basics and advance features of Doodle Calendars!

This is a course focusing on Microsoft Office 2010 Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

This course is an introduction to the Native American and cultural standards that have been added to Minnesota state standards for education in many areas of school curriculum. Upon completion of this Moodle course, Dawson-Boyd Continuing Education will award continuing education units to the participant.

Plan to participate in the discussions, research, and designing a lesson plan pertinent to your subject area to complete the course. This course will be held for 10 weeks beginning Dec. 1.

I would like to add that I am not a professor or instructor of Native American education, nor am I especially knowledgeable about the subject. This course has come about as a result of needing to learn more about the Native Americans of the Minnesota area due to the implementation of the standards in the area in which I teach. Let us explore, learn and develop knowledge together, to the best of our ability, with the intent to bring an understanding to our classrooms that we had not previously had.

Here is where you will get an introduction to creating on-line printable photo books.